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The Essential 5…Black Goo

December 6, 2016

Its hard to believe its been only eight months since our High Street was illuminated with the opening of a new and exciting independent coffee shop…namely Black Goo. With its leopard print wallpaper, rustic wood bar and marquee lights it looks and feels more like an East London hangout than a Chilterns coffee shop, but with the most unbelievable array of imaginative cakes, awesome coffee, and just a great buzz, us Tringfolk can’t get enough.

With such a successful & inspiring start to their business-life in Tring, I was keen to catch up with owners Chris and Sacha Leake and find out more about how they did it. Here are their Essential 5 questions

What led you to set up your own business?

Sacha has been a cake baker for over six years, making for an array of events including; farmers markets, vintage fairs and pop-ups. She then combined this with working in the kitchen of a busy cafe. We held the idea of running our own cafe for a long time and felt it was the next logical step, so we took the plunge!

How did you come up with the concept for Black Goo?

We love coffee shops and the third wave of independent shops with their individual design and carefully sourced products from local suppliers is something that we feel passionate about. The independent coffee scene in London provided great inspiration, and we wanted to create something similar in our local town, in the belief that others would appreciate something different and current.

What were the biggest challenges of setting up your business?

Finding suitable premises that would provide the right look for the design we had in mind, and that would provide an A3 license for preparing and serving hot food. Overcoming the challenges of dealing with commercial leases and licenses, building regs etc for the first time — a steep learning curve….

What do you like best about working in Tring?

Tring is a wonderful town, with a high street that retains it’s character whilst keeping up with the evolving needs of it’s citizens. From our perspective, it’s the people we love most. In eight months, we have built up a fantastic following and have so many regulars — lovely people who have supported our journey. And the local people we used to get started — builders, surveyors, solicitors, suppliers….everyone we have dealt with have just been so supportive.

What are your future plans for Black Goo?

Black Goo has just secured it’s second site – Black Goo @ Home & Colonial in Berkhamsted, which is amazing and reflects the success we’ve achieved in a short period of time. But we’re not resting on our laurels and we have a series of initiatives we’re working on to keep Black Goo evolving including extended opening hours, some specials events/evenings, a license to serve drinks with your food and a few others that we’ll be announcing soon….

Well I am definitely excited! Congratulations Chris and Sacha — amazing progress. So looking forward to seeing so much more Goo!

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