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The Essential 5 …Sleeping Beauty Therapies

January 24, 2017

This month we’ve had the pleasure of meeting just a few of the many health and wellbeing practitioners in the area. Sadly this is the last of the Health themed stories as we slip into February (yes, January is very nearly done) and a new and exciting theme that will make us all think of Spring!

So let’s not take any more time before we hear this week’s story. Here is Nicky Muldoon, Reflexologist and owner of Sleeping Beauty Therapies.

How long have you been a practicing Reflexologist ?

I’ve been practising Reflexology for over 11 years and massage for 12 years.

How did you get into the business?

I’ve always had a passion for health and the human body and even won an award for Human Biology in school. I ended up falling into a career of Banking then Recruitment, where I tried to always help people and make a difference to their lives, but it wasn’t enough. I was becoming really disillusioned with the commercial world and how competitive and cut throat everything had become.

I made a decision to search for something that would help people on a different level. I very quickly came to Reflexology… and soon found I was hooked! I trained as a Masseuse and Reflexologist but pretty much straight away fell pregnant (Reflexology enhances fertility!) So getting to where I want to be has taken much longer than I’d hoped, but I finally took the plunge in 2014 and haven’t looked back.

What do you love most about what you do?

Your health is everything and if I can make a difference to a client’s quality of life, then for me that means the world. Fertility Reflexology is another way that I can truly help someone fulfil a dream of having a child which means you help change their life for the better forever. If someone comes to me with any health condition, I like to research it properly and adapt my treatment accordingly so that they receive the best Reflexology possible. No two days are the same and my clients are all such lovely people.

What has been your biggest challenge in setting up the business?

Time has been the biggest challenge I think. Setting up a new business always takes time and much longer than you think. I’m quite an impatient person so have had to realise that lasting changes do not happen over night. I think in hindsight I would have done a few things differently but it’s a great learning curve and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

What do you love about operating a business in Tring?

Tring is a wonderful place to work and the people are so friendly. I think we are very lucky not only to have such a beautiful town nestled amongst stunning countryside, but also the Tring people really do look out for one another and you feel part of a tight knit community.

Thanks Nicky! Great to meet you and hear all about Sleeping Beauty Therapies. Your escape from corporate life will be an inspiration to many I’m sure.

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