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Fabulous Freelancer…Dilly Carter

March 7, 2017

As we turn away from our awesome local businesses for a few weeks, we take a journey into the world of Freelancing. If you’ve read my original Blog (of course you have), this campaign was originally inspired by people that work from home and therefore don’t have a natural community. It was of course a priority, I get in touch with some Freelancers and find out a bit more about what its really like.

First of our Fabulous Freelancers is someone that you may recognise from Black Goo — Virtual PA, Dilly Carter.

Dilly with her family, including the already Insta-famous Nelly-Reet

Tell us about your Freelance work, what do you do?

I’m a private PA, working across a lot of different industries from music to food, covering any and every task imaginable.

Many people will know me from Black Goo — I’m Sacha and Chris’ Sister in law (keeping it in the family!) I manage all their social media for both cafes, behind the scenes and sometimes front of house when they’re short staffed. I wear a lot of hats! So you can blame me for the daily feeds of cakes and food and often bad grammar and punctuation- oops!

What elements of your work do you enjoy best?

Being able to make things happen quickly for people in need and being a silent support and confidante.

Where are your favourite work spaces?

Black Goo, Tring or Berkhamsted (of course) as it gives me time to immerse myself in the outside world. Working for yourself being and being inside all day can give you cabin fever. Sometimes you need a break and and its fun to soak up the atmosphere and feel like part of the community.

Dilly with the Black Goo Crew

What are the biggest challenges of being Freelance?

Doing too much and not containing a day to 9–5. When you can choose your hours it’s a blessing but also a curse, if you don’t work during the day to join in anything social, it’s lovely, but then end up working into the night because you need to get things done within a time frame. It’s all about time management which is hard to juggle when you have a family and are busy with work. I’m still trying to contain a day to 9–5 I’ve not managed yet in 20 odd years!

What would be your dream project?

I think the dream is to do what you love, and I already do! I get to work around my family (mainly) and earn money at the same time. My work is so varied I’m very lucky – I work for some incredible, hard working people who make my job very easy.

Being involved in a family business is amazing. Watching it grow and being a part of it makes me feel very proud of what’s been created.

Thanks Dilly! Great to get some behind the scenes info and now we know who to blame for constantly craving cake via social media!

If you would like to contact Dilly about Virtual PA work her email is below:

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