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Fabulous Freelancer…Becca Wood

March 14, 2017

Another week and another Fabulous Freelancer! This week we’re meeting Becca — a hardworking Mum, who’s juggling a marketing freelance career with a new and exciting pregnancy portrait business. Having not quite completed my journey from corporate world working mum to independent business woman, I’m always so inspired to hear the stories of Mums who’ve taken the forced change starting a family brings and turned it into an opportunity for a new career or business. Impressive stuff — well done Becca! So, let’s hear more about how you did it…

Tell us about your work, what do you do?

I’m a freelance Brand Strategist and Copywriter and help businesses increase engagement with their target audience. I’ve worked on a variety of brands, including large brands like Absolut Vodka and Onken, to smaller independent brands and start-ups. I also recently launched my business Bloom Illustrations where I paint pregnancy portraits and other illustration commissions.

One of Becca’s pregnancy portraits

How did you make the transition from the corporate world?

I worked full time in London branding and design agencies for over 10 years, and started to feel trapped. I decided after having my daughter Florence, 3 years ago it was the right time to pursue the freedom and flexibility I was longing, so I took the plunge into the world of freelance and haven’t looked back since. I feel so much more inspired and liberated working this way!

What are the biggest challenges of freelancing?

As much as I love the freedom and variety, it has taken me a while to train myself to embrace the uncertainty and somewhat unpredictable nature of freelancing — that has been a big challenge! When I’m working from home I also really miss the buzz and community of being in a dynamic office, chatting and bouncing ideas off inspiring people. My husband always knows which days I’ve been working home alone because I’m a crazy chatterbox by the time he comes home!

Where are your favourite work spaces?

I love both of the Black Goo coffee shops because they have a really dynamic, friendly buzz. And I also find the homely, welcoming atmosphere of Jack and Alice makes it a great place to work.

Another fabulous pregnancy portrait from Becca

What do you see in the future of your business?

I see myself continuing to help a variety of businesses grow and thrive, and I also have plans to explore and establish some exciting brand collaborations for Bloom. I‘d love to collaborate with businesses that believe in the same things; celebrating being yourself, embracing individuality, and having fun.

Sounds exciting Becca! We love a collab at Tring Buzz. Dont forget to bring us your news when you have it as we’d love to know more. Thanks for sharing your story.

Instragram @bloomillustrations

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