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Meet Amy Saunders

July 27, 2017

I know… it’s been a while since I’ve done an interview. The summer’s been so busy getting out and about, we’ve focused on events and review blogs, but I’m never far from my roots and talking about our brilliant local people is still very much where I’m at.

Having got in touch with my artistic side over the summer with Bucks Open Studios I’ve been feeling the creative vibe. Of course as part of that awesome event we couldn’t help but notice a new pink haired kid on the block doing something different down at College Lake. As we’re all about the new and different and like nothing better than to highlight and praise local talent Amy Saunders seemed like the perfect candidate for some Buzz love.

Meet Amy…

Amy with her award-winning final project

What’s your background in Art?

I’ve always loved Art and it was always my favourite subject at school. I used to go to a weekly Art club up in Wigginton and also helped out at one at my old school (Bishop Wood).

It wasn’t until A-level that I considered it carefully and almost didn’t take the subject. I’m so glad I did! Despite only doing a year (I didn’t pass my other subjects and so couldn’t continue with sixth form,) it was the most I’ve learnt. I definitely don’t think I’d be where I am now, had I not done A-level Art.

I went on to do Fine Art at West Herts College in Watford. It’s been such an amazing experience as I’ve truly pushed my work out of my comfort zone and worked with some materials that I would have never dreamed of using, like concrete, modelling paste and spray paint.

What or who are your main artistic influences?

My absolute favourite artist, who’s influenced a lot of my work, is David Hepher. He’s based in London which is evident in his work as he’s studied concrete buildings and tower blocks for a majority of his life. I recently went to his exhibition in Shoreditch and was in awe of his work and overwhelmed with how big it all was- his work makes you feel like you’re standing across from the building and submerges you into the detail.

Like many people my age, social media is a huge part of my life – it’s also somewhere where I take daily inspiration from as I’m constantly looking at news stories, people’s opinions and what’s happening in the world to include it in my work.

I’m influenced by ‘everyday’ items that people tend to ignore as it is too common a sight, so I bring them back to life in my work and make people take interest again.

You exhibited with Bucks Open Studios this year — how was that for you?

Bucks Open Studios was everything I hoped for and much, much more!! I enjoyed every minute of it and it was so lovely to talk with people who were interested in my work and what I had to say. One particular moment that stood out for me, was when I met a lady who said my work genuinely spoke to her and in all her life, she had never felt that way about art. This made me extremely happy as I almost didn’t realise that people felt that way about my work, especially when some of my art isn’t of ‘traditional’ landscapes and still life.

I also exhibited alongside some amazing people who I learnt lots from and were great fun to be with!

Painting of Trellick Tower — West London

Where can we find your work?

I have an Instagram account @amysaundersart, which is more ‘behind the scenes’ and a blog where I update what’s happening with my Art and what I’m doing:

I’m currently in the process of uploading my prints to my Etsy: but if the print that you want isn’t up yet, you can contact me via my Instagram, tumblr, Facebook page (amysaundersart) or by

What’s next for you?

As of September I’ll be at the University of Creative Arts, in Canterbury studying Fine Art. I am extremely excited to see where this new chapter of my life takes me and what weird and wonderful things I will produce!

I also recently purchased a film camera and would like to practise and experiment with it as I used a disposable camera for some of my work at college and thoroughly enjoyed it! If all goes well, I’ll upload pictures to my blog and Instagram!

Love it Amy! Inspiring work. Can’t believe you’re producing such exciting, resonating stuff already. Who knows what you can achieve after Uni?! Make sure you keep in touch — we’re so excited to hear more! Very best of luck from the Buzz.

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