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Ben Fitzgerald – Sons of Ink

August 22, 2017

As the eagle eyed among you will have spotted I recently took a foray into the world of ink. Yeah I know, at 39 years old with two kids, the words midlife crisis spring to mind…but hey, it’s my midlife crisis and I’m going to embrace it! Actually I really love my lotus tattoo and it feels like it should always have been there. I don’t know if it’s true what people say about it being addictive, but it feels liberating to change your appearance permanently in this way and I’m sure I have at least one more in me (for balance of course!)

Sons of Ink

Now you know I love a good story about our brilliant local business people, so I couldn’t leave Sons of Ink without finding out more about them. The business owner is Ben Fitzgerald and I absolutely loved hearing the story of how he came to chose the business . In his case passion for an industry was more important than personal experience and he’s now become the perfect entrepreneur in several fields.

So, here’s his story:

How long have you owned Sons of Ink and what made you decide to open a tattoo business?

I’ve owned Sons of Ink for just over 18 months and everyday I’m reminded that setting it up was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I originally started Sons of Ink to feed my own interest in Art. It always amazed me how far people were willing to go to express themselves and this was a perfect opportunity to get involved.

Have you always been a tattoo fan?

Not really, no. I never really gave tattooing a second thought. Growing up it was always instilled in me that tattoos are bad, very bad. So I often find myself wondering where that initial interest came from. I opened the shop with zero ink on my skin but now I am planning my 14th tattoo with no intentions of stopping. I definitely have the bug!

Some of Ben’s tattoos

What have been the highs and lows of running your business so far?

Running a business is difficult, especially with no prior experience in the industry. We’ve had our setbacks but we made it clear from the opening day that if you work at Sons of Ink, you’re part of our family and as long as we take pride in our studio and our clients we can overcome any challenge. So far this approach seems to be working and the ultimate high from running Sons of Ink is of course seeing our clients honest appreciation for our artwork. Our resident artists can truly deliver spectacular results. Come see for yourself…

Getting my tattoo by Ammar at Sons of Ink

Is Sons of Ink your only business?

Earlier this year I embarked on the biggest challenge of my professional career. I spent 5 months developing a mobile application now available on iOS and Android.

Talkabout is used across the UK to help individuals access counselling in an affordable and convenient way via your mobile. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen and understand what we are going through. Our Therapists are there to give advice 24/7 private messenger service, video chatting, voice messaging, audio calling and face to face meet-ups.

Visit for a free trial with our trained counsellors.

My co founder of Sons of Ink ( Martin Fitzgerald ) also founded his own company earlier this year. enables users to identify and compare fitness professionals by experience, qualifications and honest reviews.

What’s the next step for your businesses?

The future for Sons of Ink is looking bright. We’re now offering full body piercing 6 days a week, carried out by a sons of ink resident, Bekah. She is available for bookings and on a walk-in basis. Late September sees the launch of our very own clothing line. This will go under the banner SOI Clothing. Our sister company VAPR opened 19th August and stocks all e-cigarettes and vaping liquids.

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Sons of Ink’s new clothing range

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