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Visit to Champneys Beauty College

September 9, 2017

Last week I went along to Champneys Beauty College to check out what they do and also put their treatments to the test (all in the name of science of course!)

In July this year the College celebrated its 40th anniversary which is quite an incredible heritage. Even today it’s still world renowned for its training in the beauty industry and seen as the place to train. To maintain this reputation for all these years with all the many changes in trend of the health and beauty industry is impressive and we should all feel proud to have this facility within our community.

I was excited to find out a bit more about what goes on at the white College building situated in the grounds of Champneys Spa and of course see what they have on offer for all of us!

The reception — photo credit Stuart Marsh

The treatment I chose for the day was a luxury pedicure. A little down on self care lately, my running around, mum feet were in need of attention so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine some blog nosiness with upping my maintenance game.

My luxury pedicure

In my mind this would be a mini spa at reduced prices, but actually from walking in to the lovely old building with the central hallway staircase, the feeling I had was very much that I was in a place of learning. Once changed ready for my treatment I moved to the the waiting room where I found a notice advising that treatment rooms were communal and stating that the staff were in training and therefore would be receiving tuition throughout the treatment. Strangely I hadn’t really imagined the experience to be like this, but of course it made perfect sense as these are practical courses and how else would the trainees learn?

After a brief wait my Therapist collected me and directed me to the treatment room. As the note suggested it was a long, bright room with multiple treatment beds and tutors instructing the therapists. There were several clients receiving a range of treatments from waxing, to nails to massage. I’m told many of the clients are regulars and have been attending for many years — you don’t get a better recommendation than that!

Treatment room — photo credit Stuart Marsh

My treatment was relaxing, professional and everything you would expect from a pedicure. My therapist also was polite, charming and attentive and I certainly it did not feel in the level of care I received like this was a reduced price treatment. She received some questioning from her Tutor regarding the treatment and related information but otherwise was left to continue just as she would in a regular salon. Of course the room was fairly noisy and distracting with the the talk between trainees and tutors and it wasn’t the chill out experience you’d expect in the main spa, but these are excellent treatments at fantastic prices.

There are a range of treatments on offer at the College — all the usual beauty favourites like waxing, mani/pedis, massages and facials. The prices are dramatically reduced from those you would find in the spa, starting at £1.50 for some waxing to around £20 for massages. The school is always looking for models and as well as offering mid week appointments, they are also open once a month on a Saturday, so even those of you who (like me) aren’t around in the week you will be able to find an appointment to suit you.

Of course the training they offer is another draw for the local community. They offer a range of full and part time courses. They even run a course specifically targeted at local mums returning to work with timings restricted to school hours and term times making it the ideal route to a post kids career change. Graduates are also guaranteed a job on one of the Champneys sites which pretty much makes it a win/win.

It’s so easy to know a business exists in your community and yet never look further and this was very much the case for me with the College. I’m so glad to have had the time to visit the facility and see what they do. It’s a brilliant way to tap into some budget beauty but also the perfect place to start out on a new career path.

Go check it out guys! See links below for further details of treatments and courses.

The anniversary party — photo credit Stuart Marsh

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