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Suzanne Newman – Tring Beauty Box

December 7, 2017

Suzanne and her Tring Beauty Box have been providing a slice of cosmetic heaven on our high street for the last few years.  Drawing from a background in high end beauty, Suzanne saw an opportunity to create a beauty hub in the heart of Tring that’s relevant for our local residents.  Building a team of beauty specialists around her, this really is the place to go if you want to look fabulous.  No one works harder at making sure your every beauty need is met on the high street and that you really can shop local for cosmetics with lots of convenient extras like local delivery and an active Facebook group of recommendations and offers.

Let’s hear what she has to say about it.

How long has Tring Beauty Box been open and what gave you the inspiration to start it?

We opened in March 2016. I was inspired to open a cosmetics boutique selling affordable products. I liked the concept of SpaceNK that sells a variety of brands, so I sectioned off the shop into specific categories catering for all. Previously I worked with top end beauty products in 5 star environments, and I wanted to challenge myself to bringing the best of affordable British beauty to the high street. I’m passionate about products and ingredients and was even involved in formulating the Champneys range and treatments at the health resorts. I chose to open in Tring because I wanted to be part of the growing network of fantastic retailers here. Shops don’t become available often so I took the plunge even though I was organising my wedding at the same time and my children weren’t yet at school full time. 2016 was a busy year, but we made it through!

You have so many products and services it’s hard to know where to start, but you do so more than just sell make-up. Tell us about some of the other services you offer.

So we have a Nail Technician Nikki who is incredibly creative, she is delivering fantastic results using Evo2 by Bioscuplture. We have a new hair salon opening in January 2018 within the shop, Aletha is my favourite hairdresser of all time and I used to work with her when I did wedding make-up. We also have freelance make-up artists I can recommend and we offer LVL lash treatments. If only we had more space we would do more! 

Tell us why you think it’s so important to shop local, this Xmas?

Shopping local makes you feel good! It keeps the vibrancy of our beautiful town alive. There is also a ‘Buzz’ on a high street that you don’t get from ‘checking out’ online. When you support a small business you are supporting a dream! 

With you there Suzanne! 😉

If you had to chose one, what would be your absolutely favourite product in Tring Beauty Box?

Ah that’s hard as we have hundreds of products, but I will narrow it down to my top 3 ‘hidden treasures’ that aren’t always spotted! 

  1. Harbour Elements cleansing Balm, for all skin types including sensitive.
  2. Glycolic Mask by Ren Skincare, like having a facial in 10mins. 
  3. 10 Second Tan by B Perfect, quick to apply and not smelly, hooray.


What are you 3 top tips for looking good over the festive period?

  1. Smell good

We have a variety of ‘smell alike’ fragrances priced at just £6, wearing a perfume can alter your mood and lift your spirit, they also evoke memories.

  1. Feel good

Shave, wax, exfoliate, Bathe, Tan, Moisturise! Just do something that you normally neglect. Self care can only make you feel great!

  1. Treat yourself

8 out of 10 of our customers are buying for others, at this time of year treat yourself to a new ring, necklace or earrings to give you that ‘brand new feeling’ we all love.  Holi Love jewellery that we sell in store is mainly from India so you’re unlikely to see the same piece on someone else! 

Tring Beauty Box, 14 Dolphin Square

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