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Tring’s food revolution – Chris from Black Goo

January 5, 2018

If you had friends or family visiting you during the festive season, it’s likely that you found them blinking in disbelief as you reeled off the range of new options to eat and drink in our lovely town. There’s been a culinary revolution over the last couple of years and Tring’s appetite for new venues to quench your thirst and fill your tummies shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

There were many raised eyebrows when Black Goo burst onto our High Street in 2017, promising a London style café culture for those who love a cool vibe in which to enjoy their coffee, brunch and cake. Maybe it was the phenomenal response to this new entrant that caught the eye, as Restaurant 23 opened its very stylish front door on the centre of the High Street this summer, quickly followed by Lussmann’s who beautifully renovated the former HSBC bank. Suddenly, we were quite literally spoilt for choice when looking for delicious grills or fresh fish.

If that whetted our towns’ appetite, Craft Yard popped up out of nowhere to quench it. Craft ales and a huge selection of the finest gins, served up in a setting that followed that London feel which has proved so successful at their nearby café neighbour. And before the year was done, the ever popular and original stalwart The Akeman refurbished, featuring a new and very stylish cocktail bar along with a huge wood-fired pizza oven.

But that’s not the end of it… A New Year and another new opening, with Crockers Chefs Table set to bring fine dining and its almost cult-like following to Tring when it opens in April in the old Hyatt Studio.

It was only a couple of years ago that the High Street looked a very different place – so many units remaining empty for long periods of time – how that has changed! Whilst we all feel the frustration of the closure of the banks (a reflection on the changing face of towns and how people shop and use services) it is great news that the old businesses are being filled by new businesses, run by local people, that are making Tring a destination for people near, far and wide.

As I sat down with my coffee next to a couple from Melbourne cooing at the amazing cakes in Black Goo café , I thought ‘bon appétit Tring’ – you’ve never had it so good!


  1. Afra says:

    It is fab to see new restaurant and cafe choices in the High Street but I agree it’s a real shame about the loss of banks. As a family food and lifestyle blogger however I’m not sure how many of our newcomers are family friendly? Anyone had any experience or are they really more adult only date night choices?

  2. Jill Miller says:

    I think the last 18months to two years have been great for Tring in regards to the food and drink industry. There is also the Beechwood on Frogmore Street that hands down, do THE best caffeinated and de caf coffee I have ever tasted! I went travelling round Australia in March 2017 and thought I would never taste coffee as good again when I returned to the UK until I went to the Beechwood. The couple that run it are really lovely and friendly and all the things sold are either home made or locally produced. Tring is great for that as there are two fantastic farm shops as well. I live in Aylesbury and seriously wish my town would take a leaf out of Tring’s book with the local and niche restaurants and bars to improve the feel and individuality instead of the majority of chains. I’d rather support local small businesses and this is why I love coming to Tring to get my coffee, cake and cocktail fix (in no particular order..!!).

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