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My 2018 with Danny Rees Personal Fitness

February 12, 2018

Well OK we may have slipped into Feb, but hey I don’t think there’s anything wrong with still being enthusiastic about a New Year in the second month? So when it comes to inspiration for the New Year, what better place to look than a fitness professional – this is exactly what we’re doing by chatting to Danny Rees, Personal Trainer. Did you know that Danny was our very first Directory member signing up before we were even live? Gotta love that commitment to the Buzz! So let’s see if Danny can’t provide you with some motivational words to get you in the mood for 2018 and if he doesn’t we’ll send him round your house to shout at you until you are motivated! (Just kidding we won’t actually send a strange man to your house …#disclaimer )   

So it’s a New Year and you’re a Personal Trainer – you must be sooo busy! (Describe how busy you are – if it’s new customers or current ones putting more time in etc)

It does pick up quite quickly through January and February with everyone suddenly trying to undo the damage they’ve done over the festive period. Whether it’s new clients enquiring about packages, people just seeking a little advice (I’m always happy to answer questions, if I know the answer – I’ll share it) or re-assessing my current clients goals and programs to make sure we don’t take our foot off the pedal!


What main advice would you give someone who’s over done it over the holidays and now wants to regain their fitness.

  1. Seek guidance. If you can afford it and to make sure you don’t waste your time going around in circles or injure yourself, do some research and find a personal trainer/coach that is knowledgeable in the area you want to improve. A few sessions will be enough for them to teach you the basics of nutrition, some fundamental exercises and point you in the right direction
  2. Be aware of calorie intake and portion control. Doesn’t matter if you’re eating ‘clean’ if you don’t know how many calories that is then you can’t make changes depending on body compositional changes. Portion sizes will differ drastically from each individual, for example if i said to you ‘have a table spoon of peanut butter on a bagel’ that could range from 150kcal to 350kcal and if you aren’t aware of these small things they will quickly creep up on you.
  3. How to measure progress. Instead of simply looking at the scale once a week, try measuring yourself daily and taking away the average. Daily weigh in, bi-weekly measurement and monthly photos will give you all the information you need to accurately track your weight loss/gain depending on your goal. 
  4. Prioritise building muscle and remember that cardio is just a tool to use for further calorie expenditure. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body has to burn to sustain them, hours and hours on the treadmill won’t give you the body you want but it will make you miserable. 


How long have you been a PT and where are you based?

I’ve been training myself for nearly 10 years with plenty of ups and downs, set backs and learning curves. I’m just entering my 3rd year in personal training, mainly 1-1 sessions focusing primarily on physique development and weight loss.

At the moment I only work out of Physique Fitness, located at Silk Mill business park.  It’s fully equipped with the newest resistance equipment and has just been renovated to increase the size of the gym and add a studio, which is very exciting! I’m looking forward to trying out the new Yoga class!

What did you learn in the year just gone about running your own business?

You’re never not working, not really. Constantly reading, studying and trying to become better at my craft. Most get into this industry for the love of fitness and educating people, learning to run a business comes later. 

I’m sure most think all personal trainers do is shout at people, tell them not to eat the food they enjoy and make them do some burpee’s! For every hour you spend in the gym with a client you spend another 2 outside planning the session and recording the results. If your PT is writing your program out in front of you before the session, get a new PT. 

How are you feeling about 2018? What are your targets/ goals/ inspiration?

I’m determined to make 2018 a special year for both myself and my business. Work wise I’ll continue to be available for my clients around the clock, I’ve booked onto more courses to further my learning and have dozens of articles written up ready to post as well as a long list of videos that need filming. During this year I’ll be hosting monthly workshops to teach people how to properly perform the exercises that scare them (because maybe they have bad knees or lower back pain) like squatting, deadlifting and bench press, all the major movements so that they won’t be intimidated when joining a gym.

For myself, I’m planning on competing in the UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) Men’s Physique division to test my own physical capabilities and to prove I can ‘walk the walk’ so to speak and get myself into the best possible condition, I will document my prep along the way for everyone to provide a glimpse into the process of stepping on stage for the first time.



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