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Meet Raspberry Rhubarb

April 6, 2018

Hey there – I’m happy to say we’ll be getting back to some good old blog interviews from our fabulous Directory members over the coming weeks.  Hearing people’s business stories is pretty much my favourite part of what we do, so we promise to keep bringing them to you. This week we’re kicking off in style with a bit of fun in the form of experts in all things luxury and glamour – local events agency Raspberry Rhubarb.  They tell us more about what makes them tick and where their exciting work-lives have taken them.

…wait – did someone say nipple tassels? Oo-er missus! I’m blushing already.  Let’s find what they’ve got to say…..

Amy Burleigh, founder of Raspberry Rhubarb

How did you become and Events Manager?

AMY: I did a travel, tourism and business management degree at university and some of my friends on the same course moved into jobs in Events after we graduated and started jetting off all over the world. I thought it sounded brilliant and secured a junior role in a large agency and haven’t looked back since. It definitely ticks the box for travel, creativity and business combined!

CARYL: It was a natural progression from starting my career as Cabin Crew before moving into hotel sales in the UK and in Dubai. Event management feeds my love of travel and organisation.

What is your all time favourite event that you’ve planned?

AMY: A VIP driving tour for a group of HNWIs driving Aston Martins through Scotland. The venues we used and the driving routes we planned along with the wonderful guests we hosted and of course the beautiful cars made the whole trip completely unforgettable. Oh and I got to drive a new Aston Martin model that hadn’t been released yet!

CARYL: A 5 star incentive to India; including elephant polo, cricket matches, breathtaking hotels, amazing dinners in private palaces and a hotel check-in whilst on elephants (as you do!).

What is the most eccentric request you’ve ever had?

AMY: I’ve had to request nipple tassels remain firmly in place on a dancer at a corporate event. Unfortunately the dancer didn’t listen to me. Fortunately, the clients loved that they didn’t listen to me!

CARYL: To strip leaves off trees as they obscured a view…we didn’t obviously!

What is the best hotel you’ve stayed in and why?

AMY: Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda, Italy. One of the most exclusive properties I’ve ever been fortunate to stay in. The location and views were incredible, service was extraordinary and it felt an absolute privilege to stay there.

CARYL: The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Exquisite in every way and I would live there forever if I could!

What motivates you?

AMY: Building relationships with my clients, they always end up as friends and just doing my job in general. I absolutely love it and can’t imagine doing anything else!

CARYL: The happy faces of delegates at the end of an event and great client feedback.

What 3 things can’t you live without?

AMY: My children, laughter with friends and my phone. 

CARYL: Gin, tea and friends.

What are the most important characteristics of a successful Event Manager?

AMY: Being very organised and able to plan ahead, being able to walk through an event in your head from the point of view of your clients and guests, clear communication and remaining calm at all times.

CARYL: Attention to detail is crucial, along with common sense and good product knowledge on destinations, venues, suppliers and activities. The ability to remain calm and have plenty of stamina for the long hours onsite are also key. It’s not unusual to be up for 24 hours or more on an event so you have to be able to keep going.

Caryl and Amy

Raspberry Rhubarb is a luxury event management company. Our passion lies in creating exquisite, bespoke corporate and private events. We have the expertise and vision to deliver truly remarkable luxury events, that will create lasting memories. Our purpose is simple: to deliver exceptional luxury events, across the UK, and worldwide.

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