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Meet Tristan Lee – Gorgeousness Coach

February 1, 2019

As you know, many awesome things hail from our local area – I’m forever extolling the virtues of our many incredible independent businesses. We also have some truly inspirational people that we can admire, respect and be motivated by. I’m thrilled to be interviewing one such person who has been making waves with his Amazon best-selling book Munch, Move, Moisturise. Tristan Lee is a Gorgeousness Coach and Anti-Aging expert. Famous for looking 25 at 47, if there was anyone you wanted advice on looking and feeling great, it is most definitely him. So, welcome Tristan and please let us in on ALL your secrets, we won’t tell, promise…

1. So Tristan you’ve had a pretty incredible 2018. How are you going to top that in 2019?

2019 is going to be even better year than last year! I’m now working with an amazing PR company to help take my work as ‘The Gorgeousness Coach’ to a global audience. So far I’ve been interviewed on Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’, featured in various magazines & I’ve been approached to be on some well known daytime TV shows! Therefore lots of national & international press and TV coverage is on the cards as well as lots more nation-wide ‘How to look & feel gorgeous inside and out!’ workshops & I’m releasing two more books this year! A healthy cookbook in June and self-care book for teenage guys at Christmas.

2. You launched your first book last year. Tell us a bit about why you decided to write a book and the process of writing to publishing.

Because of my youthful looks so many people asked me to write a book to share my secrets! I decided that I wanted to put pen to paper and reveal my health and lifestyle advice in a fun & easy way. I released ‘Munch Move Moisturise. How to age Gorgeously in your 30s, 40s, 50s & beyond! 47 top tips (I’m 47!) last September. I’ve been absolutely thrilled by how well it’s selling. I’ve had so many wonderful messages from people saying how much they’ve enjoyed it and how it’s helped them to eat better, move more & generally look and feel better inside and out. I’m self-published and have my own publishing house called ‘Ginger Unicorn Publishing’. From writing to actual publication took 9 months; writing, editing, proof reading, re-writes, photography etc. It was a steep learning curve but I got lots of help!

3. You’ve grown an empire based helping people to look and feel great. What would be your top 3 essential tips for doing just that?

My three top tips!

  1. FOOD: I recommend the flexibility of the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat real, nutritious food. 20% eat what you like! Drink more water, reduce processed food & refined sugar and consume more plants, nuts & seeds & pulses. I follow a vegan diet and feel amazing! Make gradual changes over time for lasting results. Food is fuel so choose wisely!
  1. FITNESS: include more movement in your daily routine. Exercise should ideally be a celebration of what your body can do rather than a punishment for something you ate. Be realistic about what you can do. It’s better to go to the gym once a week for a year instead of 5 times a week and quit after 2 weeks because you can’t maintain it! Buddy up with a friend and/or do classes so you’re not doing it alone. Nothing beats the high of exercise. It’s the best way to improve your mood.
  1. FEELINGS: don’t keep feelings to yourself. Find healthy ways of expressing yourself so you don’t bottle things up. With the conversation around mental health ever increasing it’s essential to respect how you feel by learning to observe & articulate your feelings rather than harshly judging yourself.


4. When did you decide to become a Gorgeousness Coach and what led you to it.

I’ve always been interested in taking care of myself ever since I was a teenager! I was very spotty so skincare was where it all started. After many years of studying health, skincare, fitness, nutrition, psychology etc and helping people in a very casual way about 6 years ago I decided to turn my passion into a business!

5. Tell us 3 cheeky facts about yourself.

  1. I’m obsessed with ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ It would be my dream job to host the show!!
  2. I do some work as a fitness model so if you see any photos of me in my underwear or speedos please don’t judge me, I’m doing it for the money! Haha
  3. I still get asked for ID and I’m 48 in June.


For an exclusive limited-edition signed copy of my book go to or follow me on social media @realtristanlee