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Meet the people behind our fabulous independent businesses.

This week we’re meeting long standing Tring entrepreneur and founder of Tring Martial Arts, Chris Allen.  Chris has an inspiring story, taking his own personal experience with bullying to both reinvent himself but also to encourage others to do the same. Not only does he run Tring Martial Arts, but he’s also taken on an […]

Meet Chris Allen – Tring Martial Arts

July 31, 2018

It seems like about time we heard from another one of our brilliant local businesses.  This week we’re meeting the super popular and creator of all things colourful Sam Sabido aka Re-made by Sam.  Since beginning the blog I’ve been inundated by people telling me how great Sam’s classes are and what a great subject […]

Sam Sabido – Re-made by Sam

May 15, 2018

Hey there – I’m happy to say we’ll be getting back to some good old blog interviews from our fabulous Directory members over the coming weeks.  Hearing people’s business stories is pretty much my favourite part of what we do, so we promise to keep bringing them to you. This week we’re kicking off in […]

Meet Raspberry Rhubarb

April 6, 2018

Reviewed by Shamsun Nahar ‘It saddens me to speak of it, but one can only hope for his swift downfall, as it is clear he will not improve. I am greatly moved by this Mary, and do not think me as dimwitted as to let it continue forever, we will let it run its course […]

Book review: Beyond Kin by Elizabeth Ward

March 25, 2018

Well OK we may have slipped into Feb, but hey I don’t think there’s anything wrong with still being enthusiastic about a New Year in the second month? So when it comes to inspiration for the New Year, what better place to look than a fitness professional – this is exactly what we’re doing by […]

My 2018 with Danny Rees Personal Fitness

February 12, 2018