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We love to see the signs of nature revitalising and coming into bloom ready for the summer months. So now is the perfect time to revitalise your health too, starting from the very beginning and getting to know how your body is performing so you can make the necessary changes to keep your health on […]

A time for rejuvenation

June 1, 2018

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions – partly because they lend themselves too easily to being broken but mostly I hate routine so the idea of imposing rules on yourself routinely is a big no for me.  That said I have vowed to give up caffeine this year, so I guess sometimes you’ve […]

My 2018 – Katie Margetts from Roots Therapies

January 11, 2018

This month we’ve had the pleasure of meeting just a few of the many health and wellbeing practitioners in the area. Sadly this is the last of the Health themed stories as we slip into February (yes, January is very nearly done) and a new and exciting theme that will make us all think of Spring! […]

The Essential 5 …Sleeping Beauty Therapies

January 24, 2017