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One of the most difficult aspects I found about my divorce was the change from a family of 4 to a family of 3. Yes, after divorce you are still a family, just a smaller one. So things are going to be different but that doesn’t mean they have to be negative. Here are some […]

Single Parenting Tips for Newly Single Mums and Dads

June 19, 2020

by Dania of Moo Boutique, Tring A lot of things have changed during this period of lockdown – some of us have stayed working as normal, some of us have had to completely re-think how we’ve been working and some of us have sadly lost a lot of work. whatever our circumstances we need to […]

From Lockdown to Freedom

June 6, 2020

  1. Look at the light Phone cameras perform best in bright, natural light. Open shade is ideal. Stand your subject in the shade (eg. cast by a building or trees) so direct sunlight is not hitting him/her causing squinting and/or harsh shadows. Ideally your subject is looking out of the shade toward the open […]

Smartphone photography tips from Sarah Greer

May 15, 2020