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I’ve heard talk of 4th July parties and planning of big days out to mark the occasion.  Whilst many businesses are still not able to open and others are open with adjustments, there is no denying that seeing hairdressers, pubs, cafes and restaurants will bring both excitement and a greater sense of normality to our […]

The great 4th July re-opening

July 4, 2020

by Jamie Smith of Tring Winery It’s that time of year! Sun is out, windows are open, and BBQ’s across the country are getting fired up. Whether you side with gas or charcoal, fish, steak or veggies, there is always the question – what should I be drinking?   So here at Tring Winery, Jamie […]

Choosing the perfect wine for your BBQ

May 29, 2020

  1. Look at the light Phone cameras perform best in bright, natural light. Open shade is ideal. Stand your subject in the shade (eg. cast by a building or trees) so direct sunlight is not hitting him/her causing squinting and/or harsh shadows. Ideally your subject is looking out of the shade toward the open […]

Smartphone photography tips from Sarah Greer

May 15, 2020

Continuing our theme of inspiring small businesses in 2018, this week we’re chatting to Fiona Faber who recently opened the most beautiful floristry and homewares store in Wendover.  We love Fiona’s story as not only was she one of our very first Directory members but she waited many years to fulfil her dreams. Since opening […]

My 2018 with Fiona Faber

January 19, 2018